Friday, May 25, 2012

McLeodganj: Getting lost isn’t always what it seems

McLeodganj: Getting lost isn’t always what it seems
This is my 4th post in the series of posts describing my visit to McLeodganj. First 3 parts are in this link.

After lunch of momos, I took the road to Dharmkot. It’s a steep climb for quite a distance as you may observe in the picture. After walking for a while, I left the road and took a less traveled trail which passed through heavily wooded area. Massive Deodar trees formed such a dense canopy that no sunlight reached the ground below. The place not only looked good but smelled great too. Fresh fragrant air

After some time I met a Tibetan man walking and asked him for directions. He guided me to point where trail ended on a bend on main road to Dharmkot. He owned a small shop there. Walking on main road was not as serene but at least it had some great views. After walking for more than 90 minutes, I reached a point, where 3 paths diverged.


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