Monday, January 5, 2009

The Lost Temples Of India

I hope this one hasn't been posted before. An excellent TV show on Discovery Channel about the empires of ancient India and the glorious temples made during that time. This episode showcases grand temples built in India as well as other countries. Makes you proud of your ancient heritage about which very few people have any knowledge.
6 parts, watch all.


al brazzakh said...

Diyar Jamwalullah a;l Jmmuriyati,
Good find.
Also bliss to see this kufr hindu zionist site and espheshally read book:

Ijjlamic Monuments:Bhat happened to them.

The hindu zianist are spreading such lies :O

Keep up the good work.
Blij be on yours.

al brazzakh said...

uff i phorgot the link
blame it on kufr mullas in peearef who hit the humble mullas!

Jaidev Jamwal said...

Berry berry Shookriyaa, deer Al-Brazzakh
Theez Zionist Yindoos deserve to be converted piecefooly or killed for crimz laaik that

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