Friday, May 25, 2012

McLeodganj: The elusive waterfall

McLeodganj: The elusive waterfall

This is 6th post in this series of posts describing my visit Mcleodganj. Other posts are on this link.

The day begun with An joining me for a breakfast of parantha, omelette and tea in a small eating joint. She wanted to sample only Indian food that day. Parantha was too salty for my taste and tea too sugary for her. Most foreigners don’t like the sweet milky concoction which passes for tea in India. Tibetan tea is mostly a mixture of herbs in boiling water or they drink salty butter tea. Start wasn’t good enough but we had a lot of time to sample food from other places. Our plan for the day was a trek to that waterfall in Dharmkot. It isn’t even mentioned in most tourist guides but whatever I had inferred, it promised to be one of the best places to visit.


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