Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Muslims and India

For quite sometime, many sections have been potraying Muslims as a community under seige from "communal" Hindus due to terrorist attacks in India and elsewhere. We are told how Muslims who are as nationalistic, patriotic and intelligent as any other Indian and they condemn every act of violence prepetrated by Islamic terrorists. A Muslim organisation's refusal to allow burial of 9 dead terrorists in Indian soil is shown as an example. 

But how sincere and patriotic is an ordinary Muslim towards India? I've been noting the response of ordinary people in media regarding various   issues since the past few months and Muslims stand out like a sore thumb. Everybody condemns the violence but statements made by Muslims is always questionable.

A boy who happened to be a Muslim was killed in Bangalore after he tried to escape the police by running into a sensitive military area. Almost everybody termed the incident as unfortunate but Muslims  blamed the security personnel for their "inefficency, cruelty and bias against Muslims" for the death of that idiot.

by MOHAMED YASEEN on 12/29/2008 1:26:54 AM

Somebody tell idiots like him that Army areas are not public playgrounds for juveniles to jump around. If he had given himself up, the harshest punishment wouldn't have exceeded anything more than some fine. But he acted much like a potential terrorist inside a high security zone and paid the price. Also racing in streets is an illegal activity. Other people, not only racers can get seriously injured or  even killed in such races. It's not some innocent wheeling around. What'd have been his response if the dead guy was not a Muslim? 

Another recent controversy was about Union minister Abdul Rahman Antulay's conspiracy theory about Mumbai ATS chief Hemant Karkare's death. The Hindu published letters of readers for almost a week on this issue and among dozens of letters published only one Muslim condemned Antulay. The rest   supported the corrupt politician. Here are some examples:-

It is unfortunate that in our country anyone who dares to raise a doubt is branded anti-national. Mr. Antulay only raised a doubt and echoed the view of many among the Muslim community. Whenever a Muslim speaks out, he is accused of aiding Pakistan. The media, the sangh parivar and the Congress succeed in diverting attention away from the real issue. Why can’t they answer questions properly? Why resort to propaganda to distract from the uncomfortable questions? 

Khalid H. Qureshi, 


I do not understand why Mr. Antulay is being targeted for what he said. He has stated boldly what many Muslims have been afraid of saying, for fear of being branded anti-nationals.
Why should the BJP get so agitated at the idea of a probe into the death of Karkare and two other ATS officers? 

Meher Fatima,



Mr. Antulay has raised an apt and timely question. We lost Karkare and his deputies in a single attack. There was every possibility of some miscreant taking advantage of the situation and eliminating the top brass of the security apparatus. Every Indian is eager to know the details. 

T. Azeez Luthfullah, 


Mr. Antulay has only done his duty as a representative of the people by expressing the view of some sections. There is no doubt that Karkare and the others died as martyrs. But we have a right to know the circumstances under which they lost their lives. 
Was there a lack of coordination somewhere that led to the killing of the three high-ranking officers? A probe will help to improve coordination in future. 

Md. Afzal Sharif, 
New Delhi 

* * * 

Statements have been issued, and letters, articles and editorials written condemning Mr. Antulay for speaking the unspeakable. This shows how an emotional tinge has been given to the Mumbai terror attacks. But what is wrong in giving one more dimension to the investigations? 
After all, what Mr. Antulay said is based on certain facts and legitimate doubts that exist in the minds of a large number of citizens. It is a different matter that the mainstream media have given those concerns no space at all. Mr. Antulay has done the right thing by voicing the views of a section of society.

Khan Yasir, 
New Delhi

* * * 


Karkare proved wrong the theory that “all Muslims are not terrorists but all terrorists are Muslim.” A feeling does exist that he was shot dead because of his non-partisan and honest investigations into the Malegaon blast.
Abdul Muqhtadir, 

Mr. Antulay’s suspicion is well founded and worth investigating. A probe has to be initiated to uncover the mysterious circumstances under which Karkare was killed. The belief that all acts of terrorism originate from Pakistan is ignorance. There exists a Hindutva terror network which has even infiltrated the armed forces.
K.A. Mohamed Anis, 


The ONLY different letter written by a Muslim that was published. Ironically  this one makes most sense.

Mr. Antulay’s comments are unwarranted and untimely. Even if he had some doubts about Karkare’s killing, as a responsible Minister he should have expressed it to the Home Minister for suitable action. 

A. Jainulabdeen, 

This show of support for a politician who ranks among most corrupt anywhere and was forced to resign from post of Maharashtra's CM after  proven guilty of one of the biggest scams in India at that time. Counter-terror officials are now heroes for these people after they caught some Hindus accussed of bombing a Muslim majority area. But when Muslims were being arrested same people were accusing that the security agencies are biased. .

How he was forced to resign on corruption charges and his revenge.

Shourie started a one-man crusade in 1981 against Abdul Rehman Antulay, the chief minister of Maharashtra State, who allegedly extorted millions of dollars from businesses dependent on state resources and put the money in a private trust named after Indira Gandhi. The story caused the eventual resignation of the chief minister , the highest-ranking official in India ever forced from office by newspaper reporting, and great embarrassment to Gandhi and her ruling Congress Party.

Shourie's exposés resulted in a prolonged labour dispute at the Bombay offices of the Indian Express, where a labour organizer with ties to Antulay encouraged workers to strike for a minimum wage double than what was paid at any other newspaper in India. It also resulted in a government crackdown that included a host of legal cases launched against the Indian Express by various agencies. In 1982, the paper's owner Ramnath Goenka fired Shourie as a result of continued government pressure.

Here is one good article written by an Indian Muslim exposing Antulay for the spineless coward that he is. Antulay, Karkare and Muslims

Congress-NCP government had not spent a single rupee out of the 167 crore rupees allotted to the Minorities Development Department till Dec. 15. Not one rupee. It is sadder still that the more hysterical elements of the Urdu press, who spend yards of newsprint on conspiracy theories, simply ignore such a story. 

When the Congress government humiliated him through a statement in Parliament debunking the conspiracy line, all he did was to sheepishly agree and accept that there was no longer any need for an enquiry.

Whenever there is a talk about Islamic terrorism in India, Babri Masjid issue invariably gets involved. 100s of bomb-blasts, 1000s of deaths  have an excuse because some Hindu fanatics destroyed some empty shell of a mosque somewhere in India. If that's the case, I destruction of that mosque is justifed as  a Hindu temple was destroyed and that mosque built over it by Muslim invaders to terrorise, humiliate and forcibly convert Hindus to Islam. Why get limited to one incident only? Muslim invaders have destroyed 1000s of temples and other buildings, artifacts, books, scriptures etc all over the world. Dozens of temples were desecrated and destroyed in Kashmir in 1990s. If Babri Masjid motivates some Muslims to  sympathise with Islamic terrorists, then Islam is fair target for almost every other religion in world... Christanity, Hinduism, Jainism, Buddhism, Jews, Pagan and even many different Islamic sects. 

In Gujarat 260 Hindus and 800 Muslims were killed in riots. In Kashmir 100s of Hindus were killed and 3 lakh+ forced out of their homes in one sided violence prepetrated by Islamists. If you count the above incidents as  excuses then Hindus still have the license to kill a few 1000 muslims at least.

How many people have been killed in bomb blasts by Hindu terrorists? 20? 50? 100? How many have been killed by Muslim terrorists (in India only)? Quite a few more, I believe.  Even more Muslims for Hindus to kill 

Till 1991 Indian government avoided all relations with Israel for fear of offending Muslims. After  it's help in Kargil war, Israel is one of the stongest Indian allies. For more than 40 years Indians avoided such a powerful friend just because Jewish Israel and Muslim Palestine are involved in a conflict. Can you beat such stupidity?

My favourite Indian is APJAK Azad. Why can't rest of the muslim population emulate him instead of supporting corrupt politicians like Anutulay and playing the victim card? For too long most of  Indian muslims have allowed themselves to be manipulated by power hungry politicians and clerics.  It's time they stop blaming others for their misery and face the truth.  Any pressure or injustice they face because of their religion will dissappear once they learn to separate religion from politics and education.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Using ProxyChains

There are probably dozens of programs on any OS that don't have any option for using proxies. Many common command line tools like ping, traceroute don't work if the network you are on, forces you to use a proxy. Finally found a way to specify a proxy for these programs . ProxyChains  is one very good tool that enables you to use a proxy for not only specifying a path to outside networks but also use anonymous proxies for your privacy. 

 It's quite simple to install and use. First download and install the script. 

Then navigate to /etc folder and open proxychains.conf file in any text editor of your choice. It should look like this.

# proxychains.conf VER 3.1
# HTTP, SOCKS4, SOCKS5 tunneling proxifier with DNS.

# The option below identifies how the ProxyList is treated.
# only one option should be uncommented at time,
# otherwise the last appearing option will be accepted
# Dynamic - Each connection will be done via chained proxies
# all proxies chained in the order as they appear in the list
# at least one proxy must be online to play in chain
# (dead proxies are skipped)
# otherwise EINTR is returned to the app
# Strict - Each connection will be done via chained proxies
# all proxies chained in the order as they appear in the list
# all proxies must be online to play in chain
# otherwise EINTR is returned to the app
# Random - Each connection will be done via random proxy
# (or proxy chain, see chain_len) from the list.
# this option is good to test your IDS :)

# Make sense only if random_chain
#chain_len = 2

# Quiet mode (no output from library)

# Proxy DNS requests - no leak for DNS data

# Some timeouts in milliseconds
tcp_read_time_out 15000
tcp_connect_time_out 8000

# ProxyList format
# type host port [user pass]
# (values separated by 'tab' or 'blank')
# Examples:
# socks5 1080 lamer secret
# http 8080 justu hidden
# socks4 1080
# http 8080 
# proxy types: http, socks4, socks5
# ( auth types supported: "basic"-http "user/pass"-socks )
# add proxy here ...
# meanwile
# defaults set to "tor"
http 8080
socks4 80

Now depending upon your network configuration, you'll need to add proxies to this file. If you're on a network that routes all data through a proxy server, then replace the bold green text with the type of proxy (http, socks4,5 ), ip address and port number. Separate each field by a TAB. That'll be enough for you to force your programs to use your network's proxy.

But if  you want to use another proxy for any purpose including hiding your ip, you can add other proxies along with their type and port number same way as previous one. (Red bold text). Additionaly you may have to add username and password if the proxy server requires so.

Notice the options #dynamic_chain, #strict_chain and #random_chain . 
Removing the # sign from any one of these 3 specifies the order in which the proxies are to be used. In this example I'm using strict_chain option, though dynamic_chain will also work.

Save the file and exit from text editor. Now it's time to see it in action. Open up your command line and type proxychains before the program name to force it to use your proxylist. 

user~# proxychains program

As simple as that :)

Friday, December 19, 2008

Johhny's site hacked??

Looks like has been defaced. This is what you get on the site when you browse to it. Is it true or am jumping the gun??

[hacker]# cd /
[hacker]# rm -rf *
[hacker]# johnny --version
/bin/johnny, version 3.0

Restoring Registry of XP

Few days back, my Windows XP got infected by a few viruses. Using infected pen drives seemed to be the reason. One particularly pesky virus was a script that started everytime I logged on even when I deleted the .vbs file manually. So I opened up regedit.exe and deleted every registry entry containing that file name. Bad move.
Next time I rebooted, I got the Welcome Screen, which I usually bypass. Clicking on my user name was not good enough to log in. It'd display, Loading User Settings and then come back to login screen without getting to desktop. I have a dual boot system with Linux as other OS (Using ntfs-3g it's possible to read-write NTFS partitions from Linux). I could do most work on Linux but not gaming. I needed that XP back, reinstalling was not an option.
So....booted into Linux and fired up Google to look for some solution. There were many such cases but only one solution was applicable in my case, that is..restoring the registry.
There are many ways to restore registry one being using Windows Recovery Console. But that's slow as it involved booting using XP cd and running commands to copy/rename files from crappy command line of Windows. Why use Windows command line, when you can read-write NTFS partitions from Linux itself!! :p
Here are the steps:-

First identify your XP partition on which it's installed. In my system it was sda1.

Then make a new directory anywhere. Name it reg. Type
mkdir /reg

Now get into Windows\system\config directory.
cd /mnt/sda1/Windows/system/config
Notice that / is used in linux not \

Copy the following 5 files into Windows\repair directory
software, system, security, sam and default

Now find your system restore folder on XP partition. It should be like
/mnt/sda1/System Volume Information/_restore{74AB4D58-11E9-4AAD-83C4-A8687AfE0C89}

Get into snapshots folder. There should be some folders there named RP** where ** stands for some number. Open the most recent folder and copy the following files


into reg folder you created previously.

Rename these files by deleting the
_REGISTRY_MACHINE_ part from each one so that the new names are SAM, SECURITY, SOFTWARE, .DEFAULT and SYSTEM

Copy these 5 files to Windows\System32\Config folder

Reboot, get to the welcome screen. You'll be able to login using one account at least.
In my case I logged in using Administrator account. (only one visible). Then I created one account with same name as older on and got all my account settings and documents back.

If you don't have linux, you can follow the instructions from this website.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Attack on India

I'm still in shock as I type this post. More than a dozen terrorists attacked the financial capital of India, again. Nearly 200 people died and more than 350 injured, many of them seriously. 22 of the dead are foreigners. Indian life is a cheap commodity. Attacks like this happen routinely, many people die, politicians dole out condolences and some money Media makes incoherent noises about root causes, bla bla and life goes on normal again.
Indian culture has this tradition, "Athiti Devo Bhav" . Translated into English it means, "Guest is like god". This time, dozens of our guests were slaughtered too. If that doesn't make any Indian angry, I don't think anything else will.

I wish there was a single entity I could direct my anger upon, but there are so many, external as well as internal, I don't know where to start.

Intelligence reports till now have blamed LeT supported by ISI for masterminding this assault. Going by confessions of the captured terrorist ( a Paki citizen), circumstantial evidence and past events, there is very little doubt that they were not involved. Civilian govt. of Pakisatan protested the allegations and claimed to be victim of terrorism just like India. Zardari even offered joint investigation, opening of hotline between intelligence chiefs and what not.
He even agreed sending ISI chief to India for briefing as demanded by Indian government, but later backtracked and is sending some 2nd rung official. This shows credibility of Paki civil regime and it's ability to control terrorists elements in it's own defence forces and intelligence agencies.
General Musharaff invaded Kargil in 1999 when Nawaz Sharif was in power who came to know of it only when war was already on full swing. I don't really think that Paki civil govt had much knowledge about this attack either but their complicity cannot be ruled out.
Taliban was founded by Pakisatan with help of CIA to fight against USSR. LeT is just another extension that Pakisatan used to wage a proxy war against India. It's one of the most dangerous terrorist organisations now and Pakisatani authorities haven't ever cracked down on it yet. It's chief ideologue still roams around freely preaching hatred about anything that isn't Muslim.

2nd culprit to be blamed for this tragedy is media. Most TV channels have been taken over by traitors, dorks and people with their own hidden agenda. The TV coverage of this incident was very stupid and shameful to say the least. Idiots had no sense of responsibility or even plain old common sense. Almost every TV channel was showing live coverage of commando assault and position of snipers that must have helped the terrorists holed inside the buildings. It was only into 2nd day that some of these morons stopped broadcasting everything on live TV.

Then there are these celebrities on TV shows and the anchors who host them. Barkha Dutt, Rahul Bose, Praful Sen, Rajdeep Sardesai, Zain Verjee and numerous others.
These guys need to be tied up then drowned in Arabian Sea. That asslicking B*** Dutt was too busy bragging how some Paki minister Sir was continuously in touch with her on phone and calling for negotiations with terrorists. The obvious fact that she ignored was those terrorists were not taking any hostages. Even at Nariman Point, they killed all Israeli/Jew hostages on first day itself after torturing them. What's the point of talking with such monsters and for what? They had no agenda except to strike terror and cause maximum death and destruction as the captured Paki told. When somebody made her aware of reality, all she could do was whine and then whine a bit more. God knows what she was talking about but I felt like smashing the TV.
Then there was another moron Rajdeep who once claimed that Dawood was not responsible for 1993 blasts in Bombay as he was seen cheering Indian cricket team. His ramblings this time were as stupid as ever.
I didn't know whether to laugh or cry when some inetllectuals blamed the attacked on Hindutva terrorists. Only notable exception was Arnab Goswami on Times Now. I was switching channels when I heard him saying something in favour of Indian Army (which is quite rare to hear these days in Indian media). His views on expenditure on armed forces and coverage of the terrorist attack were more or less reasonable. Wish I could say the same about any other channel.
When our own media shows crap like this, what else can you expect of foreign media. BBC and CNN called the attackers suspected gunmen/militants, deliberately not using the word terrorist. The people who attack NATO forces in Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere (most of time in their own territory where these NATO guys are foreigners) are called terrorists and criminals, but people who attack a distant 3rd world country like India are suspected gunmen only. A great example of secularism, impartial judgment and democracy. I wonder what'd have been their stance if more British/Americans were killed.

Nowadays it seems like that one of the vital prerequisites for winning a Booker Prize must be stupidity. Here is one gem from one Booker winner, Adiga. Here is what he said,
" Adiga described the Mumbai city government's ruling Shiv Sena grouping as "xenophobic Hindu nationalists who have let the city's infrastructure go to seed, while deepening the divisions between its various religious communities." "The government in Delhi has given the impression, for over four years now, of being clueless on how to tackle the growing problem of terrorism within India," he continued, before noting that opposition politicians were no better."
What's wrong with his bald head? If he is unaware of basic facts that it's Congress that is in power in Maharashtra, not Shiv Sena, he should keep his trap shut. To think of it, this guy won that award for writing a book about India!!
I will not post anything about Suzanne Arundhati Roy. That idiot is one of the biggest jerks around.
Dorks like them will never learn and just puke crap out.

Same supposedly sane voices called for unity at this time of crisis and not target Indian Muslim community. Very true. Some reports claimed that a Muslim body of India is not allowing burial of dead terrorists on Indian soil. These are the gestures that need to be emulated by everybody else. But the trouble is that most Muslims are in denial. They'll never agree that there are rotten apples in their community and will blame Indian government, majority non-Muslim population and strange conspiracy theories for everything that's wrong with them, ranging from education to terrorism.
Even when India has posts of Vice President, deputy Home Minister, former President and top rocket scientist are occupied by Muslims (PM and Congress leader being Sikh and Christian resp.) along with numerous success stories of Muslims in sports, movies, music, science, literature, defence, business among others, such attitude is nothing but downright stupid.
Some names of successful Muslims:- APJAK Azad, Abdul Hamid, Azim Hasan Premji, Sania Mirza, Khans and numerous other Muslims in bollywood, A.R.Rehman who had no qualms singing Maa Tujhe Salaam.

Blaming politicians for everything is the usual thing, but I can't stop myself from posting something regarding their behaviour too.
CM of Maharashtra visits Taj Hotel along with his movie actor son and a producer. For what purpose? Even he has no idea.
HM of state gives a public statement that such incidents are quite common in large cities like Mumbai.
Indian PM and HM are caught napping come up with lame pre-written statements that aren't distinguishable from anything they ever said before. Truly pathetic.
Only good thing (if you can term it that way) happened when father of slain NSG commando Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan, slammed the door on Kerala CM's face. That ***** deserved it

Armed forces of India are the only thing people can feel happy about in this case. They are the only beacons of hope for all Indian citizens. It's nauseating when dorks in media and politics bad mouth our defence personnel for their own agenda. Our concerned and intelligent citizens, babus and politicians have so much trouble paying these brave men the salary they deserve. Even amount of food and discounts at CSD are questioned by these ungrateful b******. But they have no shame when their asses are on fire. They'll need army or everything imaginable..defence at borders, counter-terrorist opeartions, crowd control, flood control, even cleaning of lakes. But talk about better equipment, more leaves, more salary , they'll do everything in their power to undermine the army. Shame on them.
I saw a picture of a NSG commando coming out of Nariman House being cheered on by a clapping crowd. The caption read, "The REAL People's Liberation Army" . Couldn't be any better

As with other attacks on Bombay/Mumbai people again started saying cliche statements , "Bounce back Mumbai, resilient spirit of Mumbai" and what not. I've lost count of the times how many times I've heard this thing everytime anything tragic happened. Bombings, riots, floods and now this. I could understand it if it happened one or two times, but when same lines are floating around everytime something happens, it means that there is something seriously wrong.
Where is this spirit when partisan politicians like Laloo, Thakrey, Mayavati play their politics? It's just a misleading term like Kashmiriyat that died with massacre of Kashmiri Hindus in the valley.
For g** sake, how many times people are supposed to take every beating in the stride, shrug it off and continue with their lives as if nothing has happened!!
Offering the other cheek works only this much. After a certain point you need to wake up and assert yourself. India ( Mumbai) has no cheek left to offer now anyway. It's time when people demand answers. We pay taxes, vote in elections, behave as good citizens and expect government to provide basic infrastructure and security to our lives and property. If the govt. fails to provide that we need to ask some questions and take concrete actions, not spread feelgood good-for-nothing statements about allegedly resilient spirit of a city or country. What good has it brought to any citizen till now!

My deepest sympathy and condolences to everybody who died or was wounded in that attack. In addition to that, apology to the foreigner guests who died. Indians are deeply sorry and ashamed that we couldn't save our guests in our own backyard

Following are some mail ids which need to be filled with mails from concerned citizens,,,,,,,,,

Monday, November 24, 2008

Fun at BR

New specie discovered in Al bakistan homo gorillus-bakistani

"I reread the whole thing: it is fisting, not fasting. Fetch me the Vaseline, Shoaib!!"

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Sniffing passwords with Ettercap

This is probably the easiest way to "hack" various passwords including email. All you need is ettercap.
It's a easy to use GUI based sniffer. (Good news for people scared of command line).
Download and install the software on your PC from this link. Only source packages are available. Instructions for running on a Windows platform are here. I've not tried that yet.
For this hack to work, your PC needs to be on the network. You can't do it from outside.

First click on Sniff --> Unified Sniffing

Then click on Hosts and input the list of hosts you want to snoop on. You can either feed a list of ips or let ettercap select online hosts in your subnet. I tried sniffing on hosts outside my subnet,(there is a reason why I had this idea of sniffing ) but that hasn't worked well yet.

Click on Mitm (for newbies, MITM stands for Man In the Middle) and click on ARP poisoning. On next box, select Sniff remote connections

Click on Start --> Start Sniffing.

Now keep an eye on the output screen as the users login to websites. Their login details are displayed in plain text. :D

In case you don't see anything, you may need to do a bit of work. Find the file ettercap.conf and remove the # sign from last two lines below.

# if you use iptables:
#redir_command_on = "iptables -t nat -A PREROUTING -i %iface -p tcp –dport $
#redir_command_off = "iptables -t nat -D PREROUTING -i %iface -p tcp –dport$

ettercap.conf file is placed in /usr/local/etc.

Here is a sample of what I captured on one of my networks. Details have been changed to protect the innocents. :P

Listening on eth0... (Ethernet)

eth0 -> 00:A2:81:99:BA:01

SSL dissection needs a valid 'redir_command_on' script in the etter.conf file
Privileges dropped to UID 65534 GID 65534...

28 plugins
39 protocol dissectors
53 ports monitored
7587 mac vendor fingerprint
1698 tcp OS fingerprint
2183 known services
Randomizing 255 hosts for scanning...
Scanning the whole netmask for 255 hosts...
26 hosts added to the hosts list...

ARP poisoning victims:

GROUP 1 : ANY (all the hosts in the list)

GROUP 2 : ANY (all the hosts in the list)
Starting Unified sniffing...

HTTP : -> USER: a23bb2-dc2d-4435-be54-cbf8a64431cb PASS: HTRnheQp INFO:
DHCP: [00:0D:60:9F:10:0E] REQUEST
DHCP: [] ACK : GW DNS ""
POP : -> USER: PASS: mypass1234
HTTP : -> USER: 4f3ab8b2-dc2d-c245-a654-0ca8a64431cb PASS: nRHh6Pq INFO:
DHCP: [] ACK : GW DNS ""
HTTP : -> USER: mantris PASS: yourpass INFO:
DHCP: [00:23:E6:1B:FD:7F] REQUEST
DHCP: [] ACK : GW DNS ""
HTTP : -> USER: kaykay PASS: batman INFO:

Do not misuse this information. I use this tool only to monitor traffic for illegal activities on my network.


Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Hinduism For Dummies

Some people I came accross in various forums have a lot of doubts regarding Hindu religion. I'm not an expert on religion. Am an atheist and I can't even remember when was the last time I visited a temple. But the text I've typed out below is true to best of my knowledge . Some things could be wrong,. You''re welcome to point them out. But keep in mind that custom followed by Hindus of North India might differ from those followed by South Indian.Similarly somethings can be different for different sects and school of thoughts.

1.) There are 14 Crore ( 140 Million) Hindu gods, but not all are worshipped. Hindu gods of heaven are no different than Greek gods. Just a different entity for different things.. for example:
Indra for rains (King of Gods)
Varun for water
Pawan for air and so on.
They are just divine beings, same a Djinns are for Muslims and Angels are for Christians. Worshipping these heavenly gods might get you some favours on earth, nothing more than that.

Then there is the Trinity, Brahma, Vishnu & Mahesh.
Brahma is the creator
Vishnu the nurturer and
Mahesh/Shiv the Destroyer.

These are most powerful divine beings, but even they are not supreme. They can't help you attain salvation.

2.) In Hindu philosophy, heaven isn't the last stop. True aim of a soul is to merge with ultimate god, source of all souls..called by various names, Brahman, Pramatma, Omkar . All the divine beings mentioned above are creations of this supreme Pramatmaa. Becoming one with this supreme God is called Nirvan.
Untill a soul is able to do so, its forced to go through cycles of birth, death,heaven/hell and rebirth (in different forms).
Hindus don't worship idols. Idols for Hindus no more significance than Macca Medina hold for Muslims and Cross for Christians. Idols are just a way to visualise the god and channelise the devotion. Nobody in his right mind would say, " This stone idol is my god". The idol is just a representation.

3.) Hindu religion can be considered animist as they hold natural sources like rivers, mountains, sun, moon, trees etc. sacred. In my opinion that was a way of conservation of natural resources. If a communtiy holds something say a lake sacred, its less likely to pollute it. I see this thing almost daily.

4.) Buddhism, Jainism and Sikhism are separate religions which trace their origins to Hinduism. They are considered sister religions, not Hindu sects.

Friday, November 7, 2008

BackTrack 3

I installed BackTrack 3 on my PC at work. Installing it in a dual boot configuration along with XP proved to be a nightmare. Messed up my XP partition once and was unable to get dual boot working properly. It'd work fine for 2-3 days and then mess up.  At first it was LILO giving crazy errors and garbled text, so I  followed instructions posted by GoodGirl in Remote Exploit forums and installed GRUB.I don't know if it really worked for people who posted there thanking her, but that tutorial has many errors.
 Using BackTrack 3 hasn't proved to be a good experience either. It has quite a few bugs, or maybe its just the under powered PC I have here (256MB RAM only). My list of annoyances:
1) Linux is fast. Much faster than Windows with little lag times and programs almost never  hanging up. But BT 3 is an exception. Its very slow, running 2-3 programs simultaneously is sure way to slow down or crash everything. I've installed this OS 2 times with different images. (USB one)
2)  We have a proxy here.  I tried my best but was unable to get any program except browsers and chat clients to use the proxy for accessing external networks. Updating doesn't work either. I'm unable to find a  proxy setting for system like there is one for Windows services.  Wise guys at RE forums had their own ethicaly White Hat views on this.
3) Compiz Fusion is a complete dud. Themes don't work properly. Not to mention you can't download new themes due to proxy restriction. Maybe its due to low RAM.
4) Mouse has gone crazy. It cannot differentiate between single and double clicks. I tried almost everything in Mouse settings, increasing/decreasing sentivity, lag time, changing themes. But its stuck. Sometimes my clicks get recognised as single at other times they are double. You can guess the results. Same mouse works fine in XP.
5) GUI installation has been removed. Now its back to command line installation. You can copy the installation script,  bt3.kmdr file from older distros for graphical intall though. Here is the file. Some senior members say that they prefer people to use thumbdrives for running BT 3. Why'd anybody use thumbdrives if they can install on HDD except in rare cases?
BT 3 Beta and even XP are a lot better than this (except for proxy). I'm still using BT 3 Beta on my home PC. No use taking chances with all that data there.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Bajrang Dal, ‘Muslims, widen your hearts’

Bajrang Dal's head talks to Some excerpts

What is it you are alleging Muslims and Christians are doing in India?

It is in front of you to see! Under whose shelter are the terrorists in India operating today? Who were the Muslims who gave patronage to the terrorists in Batla House (in Jamia Nagar, New Delhi)? They are not from Pakistan or Bangladesh, they are people born out of this very land. You tell me, why can’t the Muslims of this country forge a collective forum and speak against terrorism? Who is planting Pakistan’s flags on Kashmiri soil? During the Amarnath yatra issue, who were the people shouting, “Jo Bharat ka yaar hai, samjho woh gadaar hai” (Those who befriend India are traitors)? Who are advocating allegiance to Pakistan? Even if the Kashmiris were upset with the Jammu road blockade – I don’t concede it was a blockade – but if they felt it was one, why not march towards Delhi, why march towards Muzzafarabad? I believe Muslims have to come out and take on these questions frontally. Until they do, this question will remain in people’s minds: true, not all Muslims are terrorists, but why are all terrorists Muslim? Read the India Today story where three terrorists were interviewed. Hear the Sahara TV interview with Abu Bashr and note all their talk of jihad. Why do Muslims feel they have to stake all of India and the world with Islam’s flag before they can rest in peace? They have to give up this way of thinking. As Hindus, we tolerate everything. But you tell me, where in the Bible is it written – “Sarve bhavantu sukhinaha” – The universe should be happy. The Bible divides the whole world into believers and non-believers. So does the Koran. But not our shastras.

(Good one)

If that is the case, why do you want to change this tolerance among Hindus?
Who is trying to change it? I am saying they can be happy here because Hindus tolerate everything. But they don’t want peaceful coexistence, they want to instate Islamic rule. That is why their community rises up to defend terrorists like they have in Azamgarh and Batla House. See, Hindus believe god can have any name, and the paths to god can vary. We have 32 crore gods and goddesses; it won’t hurt us if one more Mohammaden or Christian is added to the ranks. So what difficulty do Indian Muslims have in saying they are “Mohammamed panthi Hindus” or Indian Christians have in saying they are “Christ-believing Hindus”? After all, this is a Hindu nationality.

You just said another path to god should not bother Hindus. Converting is an act of choice, Christians aren’t forcing it.

Choice? How can there be choice where there is deceit. And, of course, there is force. You tell me, what is so special about Christianity that the entire Hindu population of a district will convert to it? The proof is in your face. When Gujarat, MP, Orissa and Rajasthan brought in the Anti-Conversion Bill, why was there such uproar among Christians? If you are not robbing, why should you fear a law against robbery? People call us communal; it is the Christians who have communalised education, not us. 95 percent of Hindus pay fees and study in missionary schools, but just because the management was Christian, they closed schools across the country to protest the incidents in Kandhamal! Did they ask whether Hindu students wanted that protest?

Maybe that is because recently it has been proved that too many innocent Muslims are being falsely arrested. But let’s get back to your ideal society. Does it have any place for people of other faith?

I have already told you -- we want a society in which everyone is prosperous. Our chant is, may the righteous prevail, may the unrighteous be destroyed. What is the anti-Muslim sentiment in this? Are we saying Muslims or Christians should be destroyed? We are only saying all traitors should be destroyed. Those who live on this land and kick its womb, those who live on this land and praise Sadaam Hussein –

You brought up Kashmiri Muslims leaning towards Pakistan, but that has a complex history. Why mix Indian Muslims with Kashmiris?

It is not at all a separate issue. When the Amarnath land transfer issue came up, did any influential maulvi or Muslim leader issue a statement saying this pilgrimage is a centuries-old tradition going on from a pre-Islamic time, so what is the problem if a mere 100 acres of land is given for two months to build temporary constructions that will make the yatra smoother? And this is not new. In 1996, terrorists had threatened to stop the yatra itself. It is because of the Bajrang Dal’s determination that 50,000 Bajrangis went for the yatra despite that.

But it is local Muslims who help the yatra as well.

What helping! It’s just a source of income for them. If there was no yatra, they would have no income. (Don’t mind me shouting – I am from the Bajrang Dal, so my voice automatically becomes loud.)


Your action-reaction theory has no end. By that logic, the Muslim girl eve-teased on the platform can excuse the burning of the Sabarmati. And if Muslim radicals are behind the blasts, one can excuse it by saying they are reacting to the Babri Masjid demolition, and Bombay 1992 and Gujarat 2002 riots.
There is a big and fundamental difference between action-reaction at a personal, local level and one that seeks revenge at a national level. If in reaction to what happened in Gujarat, Muslims want to create Islamic rule at a national level, there is a huge difference in the two reactions. The karsevaks were returning home, some locals burnt them, the reaction happened locally. If in revenge you use Pakistani money and guns, there is a huge difference.

You spoke with pride about our 32 crore gods and myriad ways of life.
No, no, it is because of conversations like this that our families and values are breaking down. Elopements are on the rise. Licentiousness has never been tolerated in our culture and this holds true for men and women. You talk of Valentine’s Day – do we have to import a foreign concept to teach ourselves how to love? There is love and love and only love everywhere in this country. Mother’s Day! Father’s Day! Are we going to learn how to love our parents from a culture that dumps its parents in old people’s homes?

(What happened to famed Hindu tolerance here??)

Let us move away from specific incidents. Which three or four big issues would you pick which, if addressed, would create peace in your eyes?
There is the Ram Janmabhoomi, Krishna Janmabhoomi and Kashi Vishwanath issue. There was a lot of discussion with the Muslims over this. They should have understood then that no Indian Muslims have come from outside of this soil. Several generations back, everybody’s ancestors were Hindu. So Ram cannot be compared with Babur; Krishna and Shiv cannot be compared with Aurangzeb. I think the Muslims squandered a big opportunity to create an atmosphere of goodwill at that time. If they had compromised over these three things, many issues today would have lost their teeth. Of course, we can still discuss things, but do any maulvis have the guts to come out and say vande mataram is not idol worship, merely an invocation to this land, Bharatmata? Do they have the guts to say, what is the need for Islamist jihad? Do they have the guts to say, everyone should respect the Indian flag unequivocally, especially Kashmir which enjoys special status under Article 370? We are ready to meet them halfway. I am ready to invite them to offer namaaz in the most holy temple of India. Our Ram or Krishna will not mind. But do they have the guts to invite us to read the Hanuman Chalisa alongside them reading the namaaz in any of their mosques? Where is the fight? Let them widen their hearts, our hearts are not small.

(Still stuck in old temples, cow issues? Grow up)

What are your other issues?
They must not challenge India’s sovereignity. They are welcome to pray and live in any way, but why must Indian Muslims take their directional cues from Arab countries? If Hindus live in America and look towards India for their cues, I will deem that wrong as well. If they are citizens of that country, they must abide by the norms of that country. Why do they revere Osama and Sadaam? Why was the ruling on Shah Bano subverted? All encounters are probed as a matter of routine to find out if the police made a mistake, what was the need to make Batla House a pilgrimage spot?


Wednesday, October 22, 2008

No appeasement, handle terrorists with an iron hand

For decades India has been facing the scourge of terrorism, but so far, it was limited to either North-East, J&K and Punjab. Though bomb blasts happened in Bombay , rest of India has been insulated from its effects. But the recent series of bomb blasts in Gujarat, UP, Maharashtra etc. has finally shaken up the establishment and ordinary people (a bit).

For a long time, every terror incident was blamed on ISI and its agents in India. But interestingly in this case, no govt. security agency has accused any foreign intelligence agency openly like they did in the past. This time terrorists belonging to SIMI (now Indian Mujahideen) are the prime suspects.

There are many voices among the "secular & liberal" sections claiming that these bombings are not acts of terror but response of disgruntled muslims against "atrocities and discrimination" against the community. Intellectuals in many newspapers and TV channels routinely talk for hours spreading this propaganda.
Two of the apprehended suspects found many supporters, most prominent being VC of the state-funded Islamic university where they studied. He claimed that he'll hire lawyers (paid by university/government funds of course) to defend them.
Similarly instead of showing any appreciation for personnel of security agency who already work with one hand tied behind their backs, liberals have been pointing fingers and accusing them of malpractices,fake encounters etc.
The thing that gets really annoying is when these anti-Indian terrorists (including Hurriyat in Kashmir) are being compared to freedom fighters of the Indian freedom struggle like Bhagat Singh, Gandhi, Subhash Chandra Bose and also with IRA of Ireland.

Its beyond any sane person's comprehension, how can a guy who kills innocent civilian in the name of waging war against "oppression" can be compared with stalwarts of Indian freedom struggle.
Only motive of these terrorists is to spread fear, hate and insecurity among people by mindless acts of violence. How can bombing of a crowded market place which kills dozens of innocent people be ever justified? No matter what the cause.
Talking about revolutionary freedom fighters who used gun as a tool for their cause, for example Bhagat Singh, Chandrashekhar Azad, Rajguru , S.C. Bose etc, none of them ever killed any innocent. Their struggle was against imperial British empire. They never used terror tactics for intimidating authorities to give in to their demands. Their dream was of a nation free from oppression of a foreign colonial empire which treated them as cannon fodder and second class citizens.
What are these terrorists fighting for? Is it a form of protest against how Muslims are treated in India ? Even with examples like A.P.J.A. Kalam Azad, M.H.Ansari, Abdul Hamid, numerous sports persons, artists, etc. widely acclaimed and loved by all sections of society irrespective of their religion?

Some "intellectuals" had the balls to compare Kashmiri separatists with Gandhi. Its quite evident that they don't know anything about either. These Kashmiri militants of Hurriyat, Gilani, Lone, Shah are openly pro-Pakistani and rabidly anything related to India. Still its the Indian government which is paying their bills.

Gandhi and his followers forsake their comfortable lives to wage a peaceful non-violent struggle against the British. They abandoned their government jobs, state funded educational institutions, boycotted anything British. Only time they had British government "facilities" was when they were in jail. Can these Kashmiri separatists do the same? If they draw parallels from Indian freedom struggle, they should stop accepting money from India, abandon all govt. jobs, seats in state funded schools and colleges, properties in
rest of India and start peaceful protests for "Azaad Kashmir". While they're at it, why not ask for independence of Pak Occupied Kashmir too? How many ethnic kashmiris are left there anyways?
They ethnically cleansed whole region of everybody except muslims, still fancy themselves as non-violent freedom fighters.

Gilani recently had another surgery in Delhi paid for by Indian tax payer. This expense running into lakhs for a guy who just 3 months ago burnt Indian flag and called for Kashmir's merger with Pakistan.

This government refuses to increase salaries and pensions of security personnel who die everyday 1000s of kms away from their families, but has no qualms paying for every comfort and survival of the very people who are fighting against Indian state. Compare this to how their counterparts in Pakistan, China/Tibet, Chechenya, US , Israel are treated. Aerial bombings, shelling, commando raids, imprisonment and torture without any proof and much more. Glory to Indian democracy and secularism. :\

Then there are some people who are comparing terror groups like LeT, HUJI, HM etc with Irish Republican Army of Ireland. Some of former IRA members are now prominent politicians in power. The most important fact that the "intellectuals" conveniently fail to mention is that after years of fruitless violence, IRA realised that dialogue is the only way out. They lay down their arms, engaged British in talks and negotiated a solution that was acceptable to everyone.
Compared to IRA, these fanatic Islamic terrorists wage war only for on cause, their narrow minded version of Islam. and this war is not limited to one region only. Its spread all over the world.

Response of ordinary Muslims to these events has been very curious. We often hear this lines, "Islam is a peaceful religion, a person who kills cannot be a muslim". That can be believed while, but now its becoming only a cliche with no meaning. Most people now interpret this line as "A person is a muslim freedom fighter till he is fighting for Islam, but ceases to be so when he is caught/killed".

One day we hear some news reporting that a Muslim organisation condemned all acts of terrorism. Next day we see some Imam protesting against arrest of some suspects and almost threatening the whole country with dire consequences if they are not released. This brings nothing but confusion in the minds of people. Its common knowledge that Indian police isn't the best and there are many areas where they need improvement, but bullshit like this is totally uncalled for. If engaged in debate many Muslims get defensive and try to justify the actions of terrorists. If this is how educated Muslims think, its scary to even think about the condition of uneducated, poor ones.
Indians are living in absolute denial about the threat they are facing. Its time that we wake up and stop this policy of appeasement. People who kill innocent civilians are terrorists and deserved to be treated as such. There is a limit to which you care for human rights of a terrorist who has no respect for basic rights of others

Monday, October 20, 2008

Kind of funny conversations

Following conversations are the ones I find slightly amusing  when I look back on them now. A friend gave me the idea to  write them all into a blog post. 

To MJ:- I still have copyright  :p


This incident happened yesterday I was troubleshooting some problem for my coal-league on phone..signal was had to speak loud.. Went like
ME: Check the blue cable and its other end...where is it terminated?
How many ports..bla bla bla are u getting link?? bla bla bla

There was a girl nearby..listening to all this. As sooon as I stopped talking she turned to me

Girl: Are you an engine-ear?


Girl:Really?? In electronics?

Me:Yeah, sort of. A network engine-ear

Me: Working in a BSNL project
Girl:humm...tabhi yahaan mobile nahi chalte
Me: Main mobile mein nahi, broadband section mein hun.
Girl: Broadband kyaa??
Me: Internet.

Girl: yahaan internet kee speeed bhee barri kam hai

ME: alright

After sometime...

Girl: Can you tell me something..
Me: ???
Girl: agar maine ye check karnaa ho kee maine 2000 mein koun se site access kiye, to iske liye mujhe kyaa karnaa hogaa??
Me: [Mentally bangs head on the table] Aisa karna ummm possible nahin hai. You can check your internet history in your browser.. it depends on your settings. aap check kar sakte hain??
Me: bla bla
Girl: and ..and??
ME: Sighsss...launches into a lengthy explainashun
Girl: Geee..thats neat
Me: sure sure
Girl: am an scientist..i want to change the world i'll make this city capital of India bla bla bla
Me:[[Tries to be polite..tries to not ignore..
after sometime tries to shut ears ]]
Girl: Bla bla bla bla bla bla


This conversahun isnt berry phunny...but still now it happpens that a frand of mine owns a 80GB hard-disk while I had to manage witha 40GB one. Went on for some time. Then I upgraded my PC..160GB hdd Bumped into him after sometime and topic turned to that

Me: Ab mere paas 64 bit processor, 1 GB RAM, 160 GB HDD, nVidia graphics card hai.
Tere paas kya hai??

Frand: Mere paas german shepherd doggy hai.

Me: :|


Karishma: oi, i donno two ppl who are postin currently in nkt, who're they?
me: who 2? i dont know that guy with strange font either hes frand of shammo so is that girl anyways u didnt post
Karishma: i am postin honey i am hoe n distat echo
me: honey i am hoe---rotfl hes dhruv still rotfl
Karishma: home** sorry's
me: < wait till i post this on nkot rolls lafing
Karishma: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

This happened at a shop. There was a woman before me.

Woman: Bhaiya, 12 ande dena.
Me: [[Chuckles]]
Shopkeeper: um...acha [wry face]
Woman: [[Embarassed]] [[Clears throat]]
Me: [[trying to hide my grin]]

After the dealing was over..
shopkeeper to me (woman is still there) --Jee bhai..aapko kya chahiye
Me: ummmm ande??
Woman: [[grins]]
Shopkeeper: okaaaay


I had a particularly annoying "coversation" with a BSNL dude who happened to be a kashmiri. I came out fuming started my rant against the whole bloody race with my colleague who happens to be a kashmiri too.

Me: ^%%%* &^^ kashmiri *&*&^&%&^ (&*^%@ Inkee (*((*(*& pataa kuch hai nahin ore faltoo mein sawaal poochenge *&$#!

Kashmiri Colg. : Oye, main bhee kashmiri hoon

Me: so...???

KC: umm..kuch nahin We came out of the exchange and bumped into our manager who just came out of a meeting with some more kashmiris who work for BSNL.

He is a kashmiri too.

KC: Sir, kyaa huaa?

Manager: ye **&@! kashmiri...!! 1 no. ke ^#@@ hain. akal hai hee nahin *&^% Ko.

KC: <>



An old relative talking to me. Went something like that After understanding that my work involves something to do with computers)
N: Can you repair computers??
Me: yes
N: Can you make computers too??
Me: uh, yes.
N: there was a guy. Lived in the next lane. Very intelligent, nice kind of person. He did engineering too and opened some shop. he sold and repaired computers
Me: (wondering--why is everyhing in past tense)
N: he died last week in some accidnet. it was so tragic
Me: uhh? oh yes. it is.


This dude is actually a good frand of mine . He calls me one day

Bh : Oye, ye bataa Tragedy Office kanhaa hai??

Me: Tragedy office ????

Bh: हाँ हाँ. तेरे घर के साथ तो है. *** बैंक की बिल्डिंग के साथ

Me : Tragedy office ???? ये कौन सा नया department खुल गया?

Bh: अबे साले.. वो लाल रंग की बिल्डिंग जो है.

Me: (Pause) ट्रेजेडी के spelling बोल

Bh:खोता.. वही जो होता है.

Me: तेरा मतलब Treasury office तो नहीं है ??

Bh: जो मर्जी हो तेरे area में ही है ना??

Me: साले , TRAGEDY नहीं, TREASURY है .

Bh: जो भी है मेरे यहाँ, सारे यही बोलते हैं.

Me: aah.. i see.



 Read this banner some place couldnt help grinning like an idiot गोली लाठी चलायें गे राम सेतु बचाएं गे


A Sikh guy who happens to be my colleague: (pointing to my overgrown hair) ओये, इस घोंसले में कितनी चिडिया रहती हैं?? हें हें हें हेंहें हेंहें हेंहें हें

Me : Duhhh

Him: तेरे सिर के बालों की बात कर रहां हूँ. ये क्या घोंसला बना कर रखा है ? हें हें हें हें हें हें हें हें हें हें

Me: कमीने, तू अपने सिर पर एक पक्का मकान बनाकर रख सकता है तो मेरे घोंसले से क्या तकलीफ हो रही है ? 

Him: हें यें हें हें यें यें


We were working in a telephone exchange. Loads of landline phones lying around. I ask  a coal-league to give me "his" mobile phone.

Me:अपना फ़ोन देना.

That dude picks up a landline and holds it out

Me: huh???

MS:पकढ़ ना !!

Me: ओये... मैंने तेरा फ़ोन मंगा है.

MS: मेरा फ़ोन??: ये मोबाइल होता है holding the landline) ओर ये फ़ोन तुझे जो चाहिए, वो बोल

Me: Deep Breaths. 1-2-4-9-6-8-3-........

MS: (Smugly) समझ आया ??

Me: Grrrrrr

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Pakistanis top in searching for gay and animal porn

I noticed this "thing" sometime ago while exploring various features of google. A few days ago I came accross a guy on Orkut strongly arguing that homosexuality is unnatural, against islam bla bla. Now Pakistan is one of the biggest Muslim countries. Analysing what Islamic Pakis search for on internet is pretty amazing.
Following links show search patterns for certain search terms (related to sex) sorted by top countires. Inspite of all that fanatic talk about all sex except being a man and a woman being unislamic, it appears that Pakistanis are very adventurous and kinky whn it comes to searching for "deviant sex". They top every list relating to bestiality, gay sex, incest etc. You name it and Pakistanis top it.

Click on following links to see yourselves. Pakis top everywhere except where its mentioned otheriwse.

man man sex

goat sex

donkey sex

elephant sex

monkey sex

boy boy sex (3rd place)

cow sex

bull sex

donkey fuck

man man fuck (Pakistan 2nd, Syria another islamic country 1st)

brother brother sex(Bangladesh 2nd)

sister father sex

sister sex

sister brother sex

man...this is yuckkky. No wonder Pakistan is such a hell hole

AjayKK went one step further and dug out patterns based on cities. Rawalpindi tops.

Donkey -donkey sex

man man sex

dog sex

Sunday, September 28, 2008

The Hindu Fake Liberal

The posts are copied from Bharat Rakshak Forums

Its a "Consortium of Indian Defence Websites" with respected members from defence, services, journalists among other fields. In this thread they are discussing "The Fake Hindu Liberal". Please read throught the posts. You'll probably find them interesting
Click on link to read whole discussion


Every self goal scored by a Hindu liberal trying to create equivalence where equivalence is non existent or incredible is a goal in favor of Hindu extremism. If Hindus who consider themselves moderate and secular also choose to be partial liars where they ignore one crime and talk of another crime - they and the people they support have it coming.

Let us see where the intelligence and rhetoric of the Hindu liberal takes him. The most pathetically contemptible aspect of the Hindu liberal is that his viewpoint could be respected if he just converts to another faith and argues or appeals as a Christian or Muslim.

But you won't find Hindu liberals doing that . they remain Hindu and try to lie their way through. He thinks that his Hinduness will act as a balm and please non Hindus as an example of great secularism.

This is a joke that will end soon. The liberal will have to learn to face up to the truth and the truth is unless he can acknowledge that bigotry exists outside Hinduism in great doses, Hindus will will be quite happy to act like bigots because that is a reputation they already have - without anyone doing anything. Hindus lose nothing by being called bigots - they only need to add violence to their bigotry.

The Hindu liberal spends his life being apologetic to shake of the pre-existing reputation of bigotry that Hindus have and hastens to chasten Hindus who he sees as bigots by great sacrificial acts of self flagellation.
That defines the Hindu liberal

the behavior of the Hindu liberal is the behavior of a person who has been taught that he is of an inferior civilization that is full of bigots who discriminate against their own in "a caste system", who burn widows and do not have the egalitarianism of Islam.

he does not believe that his background is that bad and seeks to put on good behavior to prove that he's a jolly good fellow - not a bigot and spends his life cricitcising Hindus whom he feels are causing the bad reputation that Hindus and Hinduism have been given.

The fact is that no amount of Hindu good behavior and apology is going to change anything because as long as the Hindu behaves it is business as usual for everyone else.

What is happening now is that Hindus other than self flagellating "liberal Hindus" are beginning to realise that they have been astounding jackasses and that nothing they do will ever give them a good reputation. they will always come under attack from Islamic, Christian and Liberal Hindu groups.

Once the Hindu realises this he is no longer anxious about being called a bigot. He is called bigot no matter what he does. Better to be that bigot rather than a lifelong apologist. It gets things done in a way that no other tactic can do

A Brief History of Hindu Liberal

It may be remembered that Pandit Nehru was by no means a unique character. Nor is Nehruism a unique phenomenon for that matter. Such weak minded persons and such subservient thought processes have been seen in all societies that have suffered the misfortune of being conquered and subjected to alien rule for some time. There are always people in all societies who confuse superiority of armed might with superiority of culture, who start despising themselves as belonging to an inferior breed and end by taking to the ways of the conqueror in order to regain self confidence, who begin finding faults with everything they have inherited from their forefathers, and who finally join hands with every force and factor which is out to subvert their ancestral society. Viewed in this perspective, Pandit Nehru was no more than a self alienated Hindu, and Nehruism is not much more than Hindubaiting born out of and sustained by a deep seated sense of inferiority vis a vis Islam, Christianity, and the modern West.

Muslim rule in medieval India had produced a whole class of such self alienated Hindus. They had interpreted the superiority of Muslim arms as symbolic of the superiority of Muslim culture. Over a period of time, they had come to think and behave like the conquerors and to look down upon their own people. They were most happy when employed in some Muslim establishment so that they might pass as members of the ruling elite. The only thing that could be said in their favour was that, for one reason or the other, they did not convert to Islam and merge themselves completely in Muslim society. But for the same reason, they had become Trojan horses of Islamic imperialism, and worked for pulling down the cultural defences of their own people.

"Dhimmi-liberal" - the Hindu liberal

The Hindu liberal is a cowardly species who misuses existing Hindu liberalism to malign Hindus and avoids taking a stand on murder when it's done in the name of Islam.

An English education in India teaches on the word "liberalism" but does not teach the liberalism that was represented by the word "Hindu" when it was coined by people who saw the peculiar life and practices of the populations living in the lands east of the Indus river.

Liberalism today can only exist in the space provided for it by conservatives. Liberals who push the envelope too far are rapidly taught how far they can go in every society except in Hindu society.

I believe Hinduism originally expanded into a mass of liberal practices until faced with religions that restricted the space that Hindu liberalism could act in. This gave birth to Hindu conservatism that is offended by the space taken up by liberals. But Hindu conservatism has still not learned the top most trick in the book - the Brahma-astra of all conservatism - the death sentence.

the death sentence is used well in Islam and serves as a beautiful barrier to prevent liberals from stepping on conservative space. Maybe Hindu society too will evolve the robust conservatism of the death sentence - difficult to tell.

But the reason why Hindu liberals are so lopsided in their views is because their Hinduness allows them to be critical of Hinduism without the conservative backlash that organized religions have developed from the start to keep people within the boundaries of a flock.

Picture 1 is the behavior of a true liberal. When faced with Hinduism he may have something to criticise and something to praise. Similarly, when faced with Islam, he may have something to criticise and something to praise.

Picture 2 shows the behavior of a dhimmi liberal. Fear of Islam (Fatwas, riots, a history of making and carrying out death sentences) makes him afraid of being critical of Islam

One thing you will find is that world over, these liars always go after the majority religion. If it is Hinduism in India, it is Christianity in US. The reason for this is the simple 80-20 rule. You go after the 80% not the 20%. This also provides a convenient camouflage of being 'pro-minority, progressive, liberal' etc. though the main objective is to clear the ground, or 'format the disk' so they can install their virus much more easily.

But I have to say their tactics as well as strategies are failing in big ways. The pseudo-rational camp has failed in big ways. Good example again is TN today. After 40+ years of so called 'rational' rule (their rationality is a joke that is a subject of another thread) religion is so strong today as it has never been, certainly much stronger than these rowdies found it when they started their campaign.'


The Hindu Fake-Liberal is a type of human found in abundance in India and other countries. The modern term, pseudo-liberal (or fake-liberal) refers to those who call themselves liberals but really are conservative. Pseudos pay superficial tribute to the liberal concepts that they in reality undermine. An example might be someone come by at an interfaith meeting and suggest, "your religion, with all these gods and goddesses, is so exotic! Must be exciting! "

A Hindu might (by mistake) take that to be a compliment; in reality the other person whilst not lying had chose not to use the word false, in a pseudo interfaith demonstration.

The Hindu Fake-Liberal operates in reverse gear. Instead of undermining the opponent, he undermines his own as an apologist for faults that lay elsewhere. He is the master of what is known here as self-goals.

In the old days, we saw such fake-liberals in movies, perhaps. "Welcome to my humble home, Mr. Smith," then turn around and say, "Abe Raju, b*h*nch*d, khana jaldi laa too badzaat." That was a kind of Hindu fake-liberal, because their openness extended only to the suck-madi.

But it is far more sinister today than this old-style sucker.

It turns out that modern day islamism is not just exposing islamists, it is exposing our own Fake-Liberals too. For example, he might say, it is not the poor muslim youth's problem if they don't have anything but bombs to play with or, maybe, I wouldn't doubt that this was a setup by the Hindus to suppress the muslims. This is because the religion of peace must be respected and the lack of peace must be as much our fault. It takes two hands to clap, no? He will reason.

The fake-liberal's realm of fakery isn't restricted to Islam. Dhimmitude, self-alienation, and other traits are also seen.

The true Hindu-liberal on the other hand arises as Dharmic individual, which is the benchmark for a Hindu. Although the Hindu Fake-Liberal is best viewed as a religious condition, it really has spread its wings and has become a social condition. It threatens India.

Friday, September 19, 2008

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Monday, September 15, 2008

Unfashionable to be a Hindu

I was born in a Hindu family, but turned atheist a long time ago. First it was disgust with the miseries that all religions cause and then God and his existence became less and less important to me.
Media made me believe that Hindus due to their majority status should be more tolerant of minorities, especially Muslims. Any terrorist act is a handiwork of a few rotten apples, not the whole community and I agree with it whole-heartedly. Then there is a constant stream of intellectuals, liberals and self-important celebrities who repeatedly bash Hinduism on points like casteism, lack of unity, superstition among others. I agree with them on these too.
After Gujarat riots, attacks on missionaries Hindus were proved to be a violent blood thirsty mob that could go out of control on least provocation. VHP, Bajrang Dal etc. were  villains and I still don't like them.
Some missionaries were attacked and killed by Hindu extremists just because they were luring people into conversion with offers of money. It was bad Hinduism in first place that people were tempted to convert.
So called backward categories now enjoy almost 40% reservations. Its sins of their forefathers that upper caste Hindus of current generation have to pay for now.
Bomb blasts, riots happened in Bombay, Gujarat,.. it was intolerant Hindus who pushed Muslims into violence. I could swallow all that.

To sum that all up, Hindus are a bunch of casteist, discriminatory, intolerant religious bigots who deserve to be punished, mocked at and given same amount of respect that is reserved for Taliban. In their need to be seen as fashionably cool, liberal and cosmopolitan, most Indians think the same. Its always fault of Hindu majority.

But why are there double standards when our intelligentsia talks about Muslims? Inspite of so much violence based on Islam ( in India only) how come they are always poor, under-represented, righteous minority who deserve to be protected from Hindu majority?
Let me explain here in case of J&K:

1) J&K is only Muslim majority state in J&K. See what they did to Hindus here. 4Lakh+ Kashmiri Pandits living all over the Kashmir division were driven out of their homeland of thousands of years after sustained violence that included rape, arson, killings and robberies on gun-point. A large no. of them are still living in refugee camps with single room tin shacks or tents even after 20 years of their displacement. 

Compare the news space that suffering of  4 Lakh Hindus gets as compared to 3-4000 Muslims(more or less) of Gujarat.

2) During recent protests in J&K over Amarnath land issue, dozens of Hindu pilgrims were attacked and beaten up by Muslim mobs in Kashmir. 3 Sikh truck drivers from Jammu region were critically injured in different places there. 30 buildings belonging to Hindus were burnt down in Poonch. There were grenade attacks on Hindu processions in Kishtwar. Hindus were attacked in Rajauri too.
FYI, Rajauri, Poonch, Kistwar , all are Muslim majority ares.
Compared to this in Jammu city, where Muslims are in minority, there were no attacks on any Muslim. Many of my neighbours are Muslims. Even when protests were at their peak, they were freely visiting mosques wearing skull caps and no Hindu bothered any of them.
In Jourian(Akhnoor), local Hindus chased out a few miscreants who were trying to stone a mosque. News of a few burnt mudhuts of Muslims was national news, but intimidation and attacks on 100s of Hindus was not  .

3) How many Hindu temples are left in Kashmir? Of a few temples buildings still intact, how many are still used as temples?

4) Why Kashmiri Muslims are whining about Azadi when J&K is one of the richest states in India, receives more aid than many of states combined, has a separate constitution, flag and article 370?
Compare condition of Indian Kashmir with PoK in these links

Why don't KMs ask for Azadi of Pak Occupied Kashmir too?

One of the most obvious reasons seems to be that Pakisatan is an Islamic country while India is a secular democracy where kafirs and muslims have equal rights . Apparently kafirs can't have same rights as a Muslim.

5) KMs raised bogey of economic blockade by Hindu extremists. Rest of India was stupid enough to beleive this bullshit. Everywhere on TV, newspapers etc there was this so called economic blockade of Kashmir which was just false propoganda. I travel on Jammu - Srinagar highway daily for work and only day when there was  complete blocakade was on 1st August. After that Army was out everywhere blocking protesters from even reaching the highway. Figures from State, Centre and Army prove this fact. Shortage of any of commodities in KAshmir was due to strikes called by Hurriat and PDP goons, not protesters in Jammu.

Infact it was Jammu which was under economic seige due to strikes. No truck  loaded or unloaded in Jammu for whole month. But Jammu agitation was for a "Hindu" cause, so this fact was ignored easily.

Read archives of and for news reports

5)  KMs say that it was a Muslim shepherd who found the cave and are still taking care of pilgrims. So management of yatra should be in Muslim hands only. One thing not many people know that this cave was known to Hindus for thousands of years. That shepherd only rediscovered it. Going by their logic, owing to their share in population, Hindus pay more than 75-80% of taxes in India. So 70-80% of posts in govt's haj yatra management should be reserved for Hindus. 

The buzz around is like KMs serve pilgrims for free. While truth is like this

6)    KMs openly burnt Indian flags, hoisted paki, Islamic and black flags and raised anti-India and pro-paki and militant slogans. Gilani openly says that he is a pakistani. Compred to this in Jammu, leaders of agitation blocked any politician from all parties including BJP from either participating or addressing any rally. Only flag they carried was national Tricolour.  But since Jammu was fighting for a "Hindu" cause, that agitation was communal and politically motivated  and worth derision of secualr Indians. While KMs were fighting for their azadi from iron-hand of Indian Army, so they deserve our understanding and love

7) Hindu extremists like VHP, Bajrang Dal etc are a nuisance at worst. All they do is annoying protests against imaginary insults to Hinduism like Valentine's Day, some art etc.  SIMI and related organistaions on the other hand are accused of treason and terrorist acts all over India. Still  there is a talk of unbanning SIMI and banning VHP, Bajrang Dal.  Apparently, bombing of a gift gallery by Muslim terrorists is more Halaal than ransacking by a few rabid Hindu goons. Why don't such people look around Islamic countries to see how many allow Valentine's Day and paintings like that of Hussain in their territory.

Every moron terrorist justifies his acts by saying, Islam is in danger and he is fighting to protect it. They bomb, maim, kill, rape and torture people regardless of nationality, age, gender or even religion. Still according to liberals, Islam is a religion of peace and these people need to be treated with kid-gloves not iron-fist.

   IMHO, best Indian in India right now is a Muslim, our top rocket scientist and former President Mr. APJ Abdul Kalam Azad. Minorities in India have achieved success in every field, politics, industry, sports, science, art. You name it. Still, minorities are unsafe here.

Shabana Azami says that she couldnot find a flat for herself because she is a Muslim. Has it ever occured to her that her snobbish attitude could be one reason? Where was she living for so long in Mumbai all this time?  If her religion was a factor, how come Khans are top dogs in bollywood? How many Indians refuse to see a movie because it has a Muslim actor, director, singer in it?

You cannot talk about taking a strong stance against China and Pakistan, no matter what the provocation. Reason, We are peacefulGandhian people, war is bad,  its bad for economy, blah blah.I agree war is bad , but since when its accpetable to sell national self-respect and soul for money?  It  is accpetable to loose 1000s of soldiers every year in proxy war but taking strong actions against pakistan is haraam.

I don't have anything against any religious group. They are free to practise their religion, as long as they are reasonable, don't force their ideology on others and respect sovereignity of nation. Is it too much to ask for?For how long a nationlist who by chance happens to be a Hindu is supposed to bend over backwards to be considered liberal and tolerant? 

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