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Jammu Vs. Kashmir

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for a spreadsheet with proper formatting. Its a Google spreadhsheet.

                                                  JAMMU---   KASHMIR

1) TOTAL AREA (sq KM)    26293------15948

 2) VOTERS                            3091193----2986670

3) Lok Sabha Seats                 2-----------3

4) State Assembly Seats        37 ---------6
5) REVENUE COLLECTION 70% -------30%

 a) Electricity(2007-08)
Target                                             417 crore---519 crore
 Realised                                         443 crore---246 crore

 b) Sales Tax since 1957-2007    2474.8 crore--1075.2 crore

6) a)Non-plan Expenditure  35%--------- 65%

  b)Plan Expenditure (Chart Below)  

All Figures in Crores

DEPARTMENT          8th Plan             9th Plan        

                           - Jammu~~~Kashmir----Jammu~~~Kashmir

1)Agriculture              57.6~~~104.5---147.3~~~253.7

2) Irrigation                 91.1 ~~~136.6---112.7 ~~~ 210

3) Roads & Building     144.2~~~247.2---229.3~~~403.6

4) Health                       123.8~~~135.34---229.3~~~274.45

5) Tourism                    15.2 ~~~34.39---34.9 ~~~58

6) Power                        516.75~~~775.1---56.94~~~85.4

7) HUDA                        19.3~~~ 45.2---39.8 ~~~93 

  Sewerage                       2.9 ~~~6.8---6.2~~~14.6  
  Drainage                        20.37~~~47.53---27.84~~~64.96

Facts speak for themselves. Inspite of having larger no. of voters, area and much more contribution by way of taxes, Jammu region is repeatedly screwed by Kashmir centric policies of centre and J&K govt.

Details compiled from J&K State Govt sources and

Perhaps most important of all,

Thousands of young men from Jammu enter armed forces every year.

Any Kashmiri muslim in Indian armed forces?? Frankly, 24 years living in the state, I've never seen any except in police.


JAMMU            2 

KASHMIR        0

Out of 21 PVCs granted till date, 11 were for battles in J&K.. I haven't yet posted data about other gallantry awards, like Ashok Chakra, Vir Chakra, Maha Vir Chakra etc. etc. The figure will probably grow into 100s.Thousands of our finest soldiers have laid down thier lives defending this state. Is it just another peice of land that we give away if some morons on Paki payrolls start shouting "Azadi" slogans? Is Siachen just a snow covered wasteland?Next thing these paki morons will ask for land in Rajasthan, Do we give more territory away, its just sterile desert. Going by this logic, why do we hold our Tiranga so dear? Its just a piece of

Do Kashmirs really want Azadi? What is definition of a Kashmiri? What about 5 lakh + HIndus who were hounded out of thier homes by these separatists? Don't they have any rights?


What about 10 lakh+ refugees from PoK who are living as second rate citizens without voting rights, ration cards even after 60 years?


One of the most vocal separatists in Mehbooba. Have we forgotten how 4 hardcore terrorists were released in exchange for her kidnapped sister when thier father was Home Minister. That incident is widely held as a landmark from where militancy really took hold in J&K. She is the one who talks about dual currency, getting army out from valley and many other pro-paki measures.Their "Healing Touch" policy of supporting militants breathed life back into cross-border terrorism that was into decline just before Mufti assumed power.Mufti clan will sell anything for power and money.

I wouldn't even mention Hurriyat morons here. They are 100% paki agents. 


Why is it that Kashmiris can buy land all over India, but an Indian cannot buy anything in J&K if he is not a state-subject. Why do these fanatic ilsamists shit their pants when govt transfers a few kanals of land to Shrin Board after taking 4-5 years getting approval from all ministries and even High Court. Its not possible for me to go into details. Kindly read this article for true factors behind this land issue. 


One thing I'd like to add though, some close friends and family members went on Amarnath yatra this year. According to them, conditions are really bad. No clean, private toilets, no hot water and locals fleecing piligrims like anything. A piligrim is charged anything upwards of 1800 rs. for spending one night in a cloth tent shared by 5-10 other people in sub-zero temperatures and occasional snowfall, landslides, hail and rain 

We, the people of Jammu, request all Indians to get out of their slumber and pay heed to the facts. We don't ask for your money, neither do we ask you to bring 10000s of protesters for our support. All we ask for is to call the bluff of paki separatists like Hurriyat, Mufti clan and retarded liberals like Arundhati . Tell me one country in world where a separatist can declare on national media, "This is our land,. Agar le sakte ho to aa ke le lo." ? How can Omar Farooq declare in parliament,"We'll not give even an inch of our land". Whose land is it in first place? Is it exclusively the "baap ka maal" of these morons only? People from Jammu and rest of India don't have any rights? Rights of self-confessed pakistanis like Gilani and his ilk who burn Indian flag on 15th August and unfurl Paki and Islamic flags on 14th August are more impotant? Why do we tolerate such assholes?

Its easy to blame politicians for this mess, but what about your stance? How can an ordinary Indian support Arundhati Roy when she says Kashmir should be given azadi or stay silent when a pak sponsored separatist burns OUR national flag??

National media and many political parties are repeatedly trying to undermine agitation in Jammu by branding it communal and BJP inspired. This is very untrue. 

Please watch videos recorded off local TV channels to see the real picture



The movement going on in Jammu is truly secular with participants from all religions, (Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs, Christian, Buddhists included)., political parties, professional groups like BAR, Doctors Asociation and others. Lakhs of people all over Jammu region have been taking part in 100s of protest marches daily since 2 months now. There is no leader to lead them, no party flag or even any religious symbol. Only flag they carry in National Flag. All particiapnts include normal working class people, govt. employees, doctors, lawyers, professionals, daily wagers; men, women, children, young and old.

These processions are mostly peaceful. Violent incidents if any are isolated and condemned by all. Government responed to our legitimate demands by imposing 12-18 hour power cuts, banning media, sms , imposition of curfew, blockading EVERY road by roadblocks and barbed wires for weeks.When High Court instructed govt to lift ban on sms service they got decison revoked from Supreme court. Now when TV channles ask for opinions through sms, do you see any sms from Jammu? 

Kashmiri separatist raised bogey of economic blockade and made it an excuse for their march towards pakistan. That bloackde bogey is completely false if you go by army and government figures. More trucks were loaded unloaded in Valley compared to corresponding figures in pevious years. In contrast no truck loaded/unloaded in Jammu region for weeks .Then Kashmiris asked for compensation for "loss of their apple crop which rotted"and centre promptly released 300 crore for them. In thier eagerness to appease them nobody paid heed to fact that season for Kashmiri apples starts only in late August at earliest. What apple stock rotted due to their "economic blockade" is beyond everybody's comprehension here. 

Then Kashmiris made it an issue when some of them were shot at by security forces when they tried to cross border. Tell me one country in world which will allow these kind of fanatic separatists to cross international border in this way. Not even European champions of Human Rights allow this kind of protests, bonhomie of EU notwithstanding


They said, Kashmir drivers were being attacked in Jammu. Truth is 3 truck drivers from Jammu region, atleast 2 of them Sikhs were beaten up mercilsessly in Kashmir including one in Bijebhara.

In Jammu, a man named Kuldip Dogra after hearing speech made by Omar farooq in parliament consumed poison secretly, then stoop up in a gathering of Sri Amarnath Yatra Sangharsh Samiti to recite a self-composed patriotic poem and died. Next day, 100s of policemen snatch his body away from greiving relatives, then try to burn the body during night using old tyres and kerosene and beat up his widow and family when they protested. A priest witness to this barbaric act manages to escape and alert other people who then came to the rescue. Since then a retired doctor committed suicide and 2other people attempted in support of the cause. 7 other people died in police firing and beatings with 100s seriously injured. 

In Jammu, Every business institution is closed for 2 months now. Everybody including businessmen, salaried workers and daily wagers are suffering due to shortage of ready cash, shortage of supplies including food and medicines. Still there has been no pause in protests. People are collecting money among themselves and providing free food and other essential items to poor and needy all over the region. Do you really think people have the patience to keep the movement running for so long if it was about land, politics or religion only? 


This movement is about KEEPING SECULAR SPIRIT OF INDIA ALIVE IN INDIAN TERRITORY. Do we, people of Jammu, deserve to be labelled violent intolerant communalists for this basic right?

Jai Hind

P.S: More links that confirm whats written here

Ladakh supports Jammu
Let there be no dispute over this simple fact: India is being banished from the Valley of Kashmir. Separatism is the mildest of words one can use to describe the soaring hate, which continues to be further accentuated by the flags of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan fluttering over erupting streets
You may say this is the moment for all honourable men to come together for the sake of the Nation Endangered. To the shame of us all, in India of the moment, honour and nation are incompatible. It is not politically viable to be honourable. And the nation is negotiable when immediate political dividends are higher. Nothing illustrates this truism better than Jammu and Kashmir, where India has vanished from the minds of those politicians who swear by Kashmiriyat and other such sonorous abstractions.
WHILE PAKISTAN has been mounting a large scale propaganda campaign to project to the world its cause in Kashmir, we in India seem to have done little beyond affirming and re-affirming that Kashmir is an integral part of our country and that it will be defended at all costs. This gives an impression that our case in Kashmir is only that of possession and our ability to hold it by force. In actual fact, however, India alone has legal as well as moral right over Kashmir and Pakistan's case is only that of a thief shouting 'thief thief'. The Indian government has, apparently, failed to project its case not only to the world but also to its own people within and outside the state. Little wonder that even sixty years after the state acceded to the Indian Union, a section of the Kashmiris continue to challenge this accession with impunity.
J&K 2nd most corrupt state in India
Among the states, Kerala was found to be the least corrupt in public services with the next four positions being taken by Himachal Pradesh, Gujarat and Andhra Pradesh. On the other side of the spectrum, Bihar was found to be the most corrupt state, closely followed by Jammu & Kashmir.
ISLAMABAD, Aug 19 (PPI): Pakistan has reaffirmed its political, diplomatic and moral support to Kashmir cause and stressed the need to associate the Kashmiri people in the jihad against the dirty kaffirs of India. This was stated by Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi while talking to an All Parties Hurriyet Conference delegation here Tuesday. The delegation led by Ghulam Nabi Fai, Executive Director, Kashmir American Council, Washington included Syed Yusuf Naseem, Ghulam Safi, Rafiq Dar and Nazir Quraishi. The Kashmiri leaders spoke of their concern on recent unrest and violence and use of force in the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir. Sweets was offered for APHC leader Shaheed Shaikh Abdul Aziz and other Kashmiris euthenised in recent Muslim mob violence in Indian Jammu and Kashmir.
Farooq Abdullah rules out separation from India

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Another TV show from Jammu channel

BAR Jammu President, a leader from AYSS, state BJP leader and a Muslim adovcate participating in a TV talk show. They discuss roles of BJP, lawyers and common people including Muslims in agitation.

Jail Bharo Andolan of AYSS

Lakhs of AYSS activists all over Jammu region took part in jail Bharo Andolan from 1th to 20th August.Youn and old, men, women and children all offered themselves for arrests. Police stations all over the city were swamped by protesters.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Muslims from Jammu discussing current situation

Some prominent muslims from Jammu discussing current agitation. All of them express their disgust with Kashmiri politicians and neglect of Jammu by Kashmir centric govts. You should make all "seculars" watch this who are spreading falso information that Muslims are getting harmed due to "violence"

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Protests on 12 August

Protests continue in Jammu unabated. People from all walks of life are protesting against stupid policies of govt. 20000 people took out a rally and again crossed Tawi river on foot when security personnel tried to stop them.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Protests during day 16 of curfew

Here is one more recording from local channel covering protests during Day 16 of the curfew. People from cities, villages and suburban areas, all united for one common cause. You can see Muslims including Gujjars and those from old city supporting agitation.(7:40 onwards) This again disproves Kashmiri claims that the agitation is communal.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Muslims supporting nationalist agitation in Jammu

Here are some more videos recorded off local channels of Jammu. First Video is of a protest rally being taken out. If you see closely you'll find many Muslim Gujjars and Sikhs protesting along with Hindus. You can see one Gujjar carrying an Indian flag in 15th second and some more later.

2nd, 3rd and 4th videos are partial recordings of a talk show involving a BBC journalist, a doctor and a muslim advocate who lives in Old City area. Same place which saw most intense protests.
He clearly declares his allegiance to cause of Jammu, while denouncing discriminating and unfair Kashmiri policies. He also takes pains to make it clear that inspite of rumours being spread by Kashmiri separatists, Muslims in Jammu are completely safe and whole-heartedly support current agitation in Jammu. Kindly forward these videos to as many people, media person as possible who have little knowledge of current situation.
Participants also talk about exaggerated threats of separatists regarding blockage of National Highway.
Also take note of the fact, Rajauri district inspite of having a Muslim majority has elected 3 Hindu MLAs out of its 4 seats.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Biased reporting by media

On 8 Aug(9:30pm)IBN7 did a news report on a protest rally being taken in Shastri Nagar, Digiana area. People from every religion participating in it, Hindus, Muslims and Sikhs openly supporting current agitation in Jammu They even interviewed a few people who clearly said that they support current agitation.
Then the news reader took over and started harping on damage being done by communal parties to secular fabric, trouble for common man, with clips of people damaging railway tracks.
Moron easily forgot to mention that a section of crowd in Samba started damaging railway trackes only when 2 more people were killed in police firing again and 3 more critically injured. Why didn't they mention secessionist and openly anti-India policies of Kashmiri politicians?
I'm disgusted the way this channel twisted facts to suit its own agenda. Anybody having any idea who owns this channel?

I have a small video of that protest rally recorded off local TV channel and uploading it. Further I have lots of friends and relatives in that area who vouch for what I've written here.

Then there was this report on Jourian, where a mob burnt a police chowki. Nobody ever mentioned that Jourian is the same place where local Hindus(majority) prevented a few miscreants from damaging a mosque during early days of agitation. Now after non-stop agitation for 1 month people frustated by police atrocities and govt's inaction go volatile and they show it off as violence instigated by "communal forces"

Monday, August 4, 2008

Jammu Agitation on NDTV

Talk show involving spokepersons BJP and Congress and Mehbooba of PDP.Congress and PDP conviniently forgetting the root cause of agitation in Jammu and trying to shift blame to Jammmu people for current situation. Not once anybody talks about anti-India, anti-Hindu protests of Kashmiris, while badmouthing secular, pro-Indian protesters in Jammu

Sunday, August 3, 2008

More Videos from jammu's local TV channels

Talkshow in JK CHannel over recent ban on media

Politicians of BJP and Congress expressing their views on ongoing agitation. Now even congress politicians are supporting agitation in Jammu after getting severly crticized for their duplicity and inaction.

Recording of Take1 Channel.

Police is not sparing even medicos. Misbehavin and tearing up their identity cards

TV Channels Banned In Jammu

I don't know when it happened, but police barged into offices of local broadcasters and forcibly stopped transmission. Now no channel in my locality (Gandhi nagar) is working. 
Local channels show this message only 
"JK Channel & Take1 Channel banned By Administration" 

Photo08031416.jpg - image uploaded to Picamatic

These were the only channels that were showing actuall truth. National channels didn't show even 1% of what was actually happening on ground
Further, phones arenot working properly. Can't yet blame it on sabotage by government, but quality of service has dropped dramaticaly.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Govt. has lost all control over situation in Jammu. Curfew has been clamped over not only whole city but also outer areas and parts of many other districts.

Earlier violent protests were limited to old city areas, but since yesterday protesters all over the city have been fighting pitched battles with police and RAF. In my area, Army had to be called in to disperse the mob. Police fired dozens of shells to disperse the protesters.
House of a PDP leader in Shastri Nagar colony was damaged by protesters.
Standing on a high building, it looks like you are in a war zone..people burning tires/wood on everywhere, using water pipes, vehicles, rocks to block the way of police vehicles.

Some people are saying that a gag order has been imposed on media, forbidding anybody to show anything regarding protests. Many journalists of national and local news channels were beaten up when they were protesting against the order in city. People blame K B Jandyal, Sect. Inormation or this.

Take a look at this picture..and look at the smoke colums only in 1 view. Its same anywhere you look. In a way reminds me of what I saw of Afghanistan or Iraq on TV

Here is a video of dying part of action

Friday, August 1, 2008

Dialogues In Suffering. Yeah Right

The Hindu published a very crappy article about situation in Kashmir  in July 27 Sunday Magazine.  Dialogues in suffering   Coming from a paper of such standing, its  very disappointing, to put it mildly. So I wrote a letter to the editor.  Hope it makes some difference.

Dear Sir,

  I'm truly apalled by "Dialogues In Suffering" article in July 27 Sunday Magazine. Unlike previous week's article in the same space, this one if full of hyperbole and is completely one-sided. I'm from Jammu and have personaly seen most of the state. My parents and many relatives are in state government service and they have also travelled extensively accross the state.

  You talk about suffering of Kashmiri Muslims. Its true that they are suffering, but you present it like they are the victims and Indian army a blood thirsty monster. 

Quoting your line, "Even in small towns, you encounter even today bullet-proof tanks stationed on busy market squares and surly soldiers aremd with deadly weapons at every turn". This shows reporter's total lack of objectivity, knowledge and common sense. 

I've been to Srinagar numerous times, right now my parents are in Srinagar with Civil secretariat. Nobody has ever seen a "tank" in civilian area. As far as I know and personally seen, Army has never deployed tanks in any civilian area. Vehicles used by them are troop carrier trucks, gypsy or an occasional mine-proof truck.  

Further, what kind of equipment you expect soldiers to carrry? Soldiers don't carry flowers. They are trained and expected to use weapons.

And Surly!!!?

 Indian soldiers (the ones I've met), are usually friendly and polite. Its the local police that locals worry about mostly. Arrogant and corrupt to the bones.

Now coming to your so called kashmiri "victims". I wonder why the reporter completely forgot to mention Kashmri Hindus in this article. Lakhs of Kashmiri Hindus were forced to flee their homeland of 1000s of years by same people he writes about . They are living in worse conditions. A large percentage of them still live in one room tinsheds. Come visit Muthi, Doman region in Jammu city to see what I'm talking about 

Mr. Mander also completely omits the fact that most of Kashmiris are completely anti-India.If he paid enough attention, he might have noticed that no Kashmiri house has electricty or water meters installed. Whole of J&K has new electronic meters installed recently but not Kashmir. Exact words of a Kashmiri who was against meters "hamara paisa Hindustani sarkar ko nahi jayega". This coming from a community who is completely dependent on Indian government for its survival. terrorism has destroyed tourism, only significant source fo income for Kashmiris and now if aid stops coming from centre, state government would not have enough money to pay salaries even to its ministers.

When they were protesting against allotment of land to Amarnath Srine board in Baltal, no national paper or TV channlel showed communal and secessionist statements by kashmiri politicians. They opposed the decison on grounds that its Indian govt's conspiracy to settle Hindus in Kashmir and oppress Muslim Kashmiris. That place is under snow for atleast 8-10 months every year. Who can stay there for whole year? Not to mention lack of electricty, water, roads in addition threat of terrorists and hostile locals. They protested chanting pro-pak and anti-India slogans and many locals unfurled paki and islamic flags on thier houses and other buildings. Many tourists including women and elderly were beaten up brutally during protests.  

Terrorism was crushed in Pujab and Jammu. You know the reason? Because terrorists had no local support there. While its still alive and kicking in Kashmir. More than half of Kashmiri terrorists are locals and its common knowlede that they find support with many politicians (PDP, Hurriat) and locals. You print photo with caption, "Learning to live with violence". Do you even have an idea who is the perpetrater here? Walking on streets on Srinagar, you never kow which guy is going to take out a grenade or an assault rifle out of his firan(kashmiri robe) and use it onyou before disappearing inside the crowded lanes. Did Mr. Mander ever talk with any victim (and his/her family) of such attacks. 1000s of soldiers and civilians have lost their lives just like that. 

Since when frisking is a form of violence? I've been checked numerous times and never had any unpleasent experience even in terrorism affected areas..(Rajauri, Poonch, Srinagar). 

I'm not saying that Indian Army never committed any human rights violations.There are rotten apples everywhere but they are very few in our army. Any HR violation is condemned and guilty punished. Our arned forces are doing a praiseworthy job in very difficult conditions.

All I'm saying is please don't publish exaggerated and one-sided propoganda .I subscribe to your paper even though it reaches me one day late beacuse of your highly accurate and impartial reporting of facts without resorting to sensationalism or dumbing down of articles.


Jaidev Jamwal


P.S : I don't expect my letter to be published in paper, but atleast keep my point of view in consideration

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