Monday, July 30, 2007

Ordinary World

Its a boring world we live in. Everythings is cut, dried and packaged for mass consumption.People get born, grow up and die.Spend 1st 15 - 20 years studying, then find job, business whatever, fall in love, get married, have kid(s), raise them , grow old and one day die. SOmetimes you die earlier or the stuff has minor variations but its more or less same everywhere. 
Its been happening since..well..its the stuff that happens. But the time between getting born and dying couldnt be more boring.
We have fast cars, planes, rockets, internet, phones, cameras, billions of books, music, movies, more food than we can eat, ...etc etc..everything. Life is good, safe and clean. (Not for everybody, but everybody aspires to have that)
You live in cearly defined boundaries(more or less), know and abide by rules, get ruled by certain people, crib about it sometimes, make some noises and move on to do just what everybody is

But its not what I'd say fun or satisfying. May be its satisfying to some people...being cozy, safe and warm. It can be pleasurable...indeed it is pleasurable, bit how can you enjoy it if its all thurst upon you?

Living in a cocoon, abiding by rules that somebody else thought are good for you,(not saying go break rules for fun). Feeling delirious with fervour if some leader says, you have to fight for your country, religion and whatever stuff that gets you charged up. Everything is so predictable.

Even your passion is controlled by men in power. People are supposed to live like sheep, some guard dogs to put them in order and protect them from harm, and a shepherd to guide them. Sheep is harvested for wool and meat and it clothes and feeds its masters. Sheep don't have any mind of their own and they'd run off a cliff, walk meekily to slaughter.
It all depends on the whims of their master.
Since time immemorial people have been like that and will always be like that. A few strong men rule the stupid mob. Everybody is happy to be sheep as long as they are safe.

 Why cant there be more adventure ?
1000s of unknown planets to explore, great missions to be accomplished, doing things that'll be unique and worthwhile.....I know, I know, its childish....but normal existence is tooo boring.

Many people have these kind of fantasies, but more often that not, they limit it to war heroics, religious extremism(bull shit) etc etc.
 Earlier explorers like Livingstone, Columbus and countless others who dedicated thier lives to discover new horizons. There was suspense and a sense of expectation.
Now that feeling is missing. theres nothing on earth that hasnt been visited by man , well may be except for a few oceanic trenches.
Humanity hasnt set its foot upon any other planet yet and its unlikely to happen in my life span atleast.
Nothing else???

Why cant life be like story books
. Something like Lord of the Rings,(just an example) some adventure to be had, hazard, pain, courage, love, fear, anger, joy, exultation, wonder, new discoveries..feeling everything as much as its possible...Being involved in something worthwhile and either finish it and exult in joy of something really glorious well done or to die accomplshing it. Both scenarios good enough, eh??

But this world isn't like that. Theres still a lot of stuff to be done, but nothing like above.
I can't be an great big evil overlord any more than anybody else being a ultra nobel, powerful good looking hero/heroine

Damn, its childish
Who cares!!!

Nuke all who wait..let them be.just make them follow the herd.

Damn... I talk like I have everything ...


lifes unfair..another reason to say this  ;)

Duran Duran sang in Ordinary World ::

Came in from a rainy Thursday on the avenue thought I heard you talking softly
I turned on the lights the TV and the radio but still I can't escape the ghost of you
What is happening to me crazy some would say
Where is the life that I recognize, gone away

And I won't cry for yesterday there's an ordinary world somehow I have to find
And as I try to make my way to the ordinary world I will learn to survive

Passion or coincidence once prompted you to say pride will tear us both apart
Well now pride's gone out the window cross the rooftops runaway
Left me in the vaccuum of my heart
What is happening to me crazy some will say where is my friend when I need you most gone away

But I won't cry for yesterday there's an ordinary world somehow I have to find
And as I try to make my way to the ordinary world I will learn to survive

Fuck it tooo...why survive in this ordinary world..
You all know how it ends..don't you ;)


karishma said...

oh yeah...i agree, life's unfair for many reasons...u did mention some...
even i wonder wats this whole life cycle, if u are born n u know u ARE goin to die one fine day.
but still, now tht we have no other option, i guess we do n live life to the fullest. or atleast try to..
people do explore things, do the adventurous stuff/activities.the term borin is agn different frm person to person...say for instance,i mite find bloggin borin- u may not! agn, talkin bout life being like those in the fanatasy books, if tht was the normal way of life, u'd be bored of tht it seems like a viscious cycle...

Tango said...

Nihilism in all it's glory.

A Nietzsche made or a Morrison in the making?

My dear boy, life IS unfair.. but there lies some solace in the fact that there IS someone who is more unfair than life itself.

And we both know who that is ;)

So to cut a long story short, life isn't that difficult an option to embrace.

Jaidev said...

Well..who cares about life

Its there..good
its gone


Am not really dying to live. :P

Tango said...

but you are living to die.

life and death.. if there's no life, how can there be any death.

you NEED life to die.

just like lucifer needs darkness to live.

Jaidev said...


sillyness shows.
Quite mistaken here

Tango said...

i'm afraid the rules of black and white do not apply here.

silly goose.

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