Friday, December 19, 2008

Johhny's site hacked??

Looks like has been defaced. This is what you get on the site when you browse to it. Is it true or am jumping the gun??

[hacker]# cd /
[hacker]# rm -rf *
[hacker]# johnny --version
/bin/johnny, version 3.0


al brazzakh said...

mulla jamwalulla, joo writing blog eh!
by the way, waise, give us some speshal jammu elekshan analysheeesh

What say, miya before the rejjalt, hain?

Jaidev Jamwal said...

A0A Birader
I wishes I had some brains, but when I can't even convince half of my own family to not to vote for the jerk party methinks, I is not qualified enough to write a good analysis. That job is better lepht to nooz channels

al brazzakh said...

neber mind miya jamwalulla if you cannot convince phamili. it ij ok onlee. to each hij own missile.
bhy for you think you unkaalified for anaalsheesh, eh? i read jour updates during jammu nashunal movement and it waj good , ejpecially river krassing wala.
dont be sad, do the good work and opcourse the mijjile paalishing...
now jeer up bith some zaid hamid videoj.

Jaidev Jamwal said...

Mulla al brazzakh
seems like I phamily and most phellow mujahids voted for kafir party. Allah is trooly great.

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