Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Pakistanis top in searching for gay and animal porn

I noticed this "thing" sometime ago while exploring various features of google. A few days ago I came accross a guy on Orkut strongly arguing that homosexuality is unnatural, against islam bla bla. Now Pakistan is one of the biggest Muslim countries. Analysing what Islamic Pakis search for on internet is pretty amazing.
Following links show search patterns for certain search terms (related to sex) sorted by top countires. Inspite of all that fanatic talk about all sex except being a man and a woman being unislamic, it appears that Pakistanis are very adventurous and kinky whn it comes to searching for "deviant sex". They top every list relating to bestiality, gay sex, incest etc. You name it and Pakistanis top it.

Click on following links to see yourselves. Pakis top everywhere except where its mentioned otheriwse.

man man sex

goat sex

donkey sex

elephant sex

monkey sex

boy boy sex (3rd place)

cow sex

bull sex

donkey fuck

man man fuck (Pakistan 2nd, Syria another islamic country 1st)

brother brother sex(Bangladesh 2nd)

sister father sex

sister sex

sister brother sex

man...this is yuckkky. No wonder Pakistan is such a hell hole

AjayKK went one step further and dug out patterns based on cities. Rawalpindi tops.

Donkey -donkey sex

man man sex

dog sex


manasifany said...

Very interesting, I wonder where they get their strength from. I mean really. And what about hormones? What an overflow. They should try something new, iyam intrigued.

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