Monday, March 31, 2008

Upgraded PC

Getting that RTL8139 ethernet card proved annoyingly impossible.
Add to that I always wanted to have an AMD machine..I finally upgraded my rig.
Got an AMD 4200 Plus X2 Dual Core, nVidia 6100 chipset board and 1GB DDR2 Dynet RAM in exchange for my older components
Kept older power supply, graphics card, HDD. HDD is barely 4 months old anyway.
This new rig is pretty fast.
Now I have WinXP and BackTrack3 installed in same configuration as the older one.
Both OS working fine. General as well as gaming performance is improved noticably.
Virtual OS in VMware wrok faster and now I can use Windows Server 2008 on VMWare too. It asks for 512 minimum MB RAM


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