Monday, April 4, 2011

Kind of funny conversations

This is part two of one of my previous posts, Kind of funny conversations.

This one happened in my office. I was sitting in my cabin (not working :D), trawling the net for a good camera. I'm smitten by cameras with fancy features (about which I don't know a thing), big lenses ( which I don't know how to use) etc., the cheapest one of which will cost at least Rs 21000. Anyhow there I was, drooling over the specifications and sighing on reading the prices when one guy came in for chit chat. He used to be a tour guide before he joined this company. After taking a look at my screen, he goes like :

Him: So, you're going to buy a camera ?

Me: Yeah. If I can find someone to buy my kidney or liver.

Him: Uh ?

Me: Never mind.

Him: You know, I have a really good ipod lying around at home. Never ever used it. A German tourist gave it to me when he was going back. He thought that he had too much luggage.

Me: Nice. Why don't I meet such generous people ? [[sigh]]

Him: You know, you can use that ipod with your camera. I don't have any use for it.

Me: Uh ? Ipod with camera ? How does that work ?

Him: You are thinking of buying that camera worth 22000 and still don't know about that ?

Me: Seems like that.

Him: Hah. You just put your camera on that ipod and take pictures when you need it really steady.

I stare blankly for a while and then it hits me.

Me: Are you talking about an tripod ?

Him: yes yes,. wahi tripod.

Me: Hmmm.


mansi said...

<3 <3 =)) My my, oh my.

Shilpa Nair said...

heh heh....the ipod guy probably is me....heh heh....i'm exasperated at all the the versions of cameras available. I wish those days of tking 30 pics and then waiting a week to get them developed would be back...Lol....

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