Thursday, April 22, 2010

Indian Weapon System E-Book

I've compiled data about Indian weapons displayed in various info-boards and brochures from Def Expo 2010 in a single file. Except for missiles and INSAS, I've tried to include every weapon. I hope it could be of some use to newbies.

It's still kind of rough draft. I'd welcome any corrections or suggestions about adding more systems.



Anonymous said...

It is a very good start. Perhaps some more photos from other sources and the inclusion of the INSAS family and other OFB weapons and of course missiles should be considered

Anonymous said...

Boss, WZT-3 is not an indian product but Polish, license assembled by BEML.

Jaidev Jamwal said...

Thanks for the info. Will update it accordingly

Anonymous said...

Why waste all this money on all these arms when you know you can't win from a nuclear armed Pakistan....

Jaidev Jamwal said...

Any other nugget of wisdom you'd like to share ?

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