Thursday, November 12, 2020

Kaalkut. Chapter 21

1 March 2020 23:40 Hours IST, Palam Airport, India The gray Embraer ERJ-145 aircraft had landed at Palam in the increasingly cold and foggy night. Some new crew got in and a few got out quickly as a refueling truck filled up the tanks and air force technicians did the customary checks.. Within an hour of landing, the plane was up once again on a northern bearing....
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Monday, November 9, 2020

Kaalkut. Chapter 20

Kaalkut. Chapter 20 Padam Giri took an appreciative bite of Tbetan Balep bread smothered with butter and chased it down with hot butter tea at his cousin’s small guesthouse in the hills. Normally, it’d be full of tourists but Corona virus related restric
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Sunday, November 8, 2020

Kaalkut. Chapter 19

Kaalkut. Chapter 19 They are trying to grab as many territories as possible in multiple sectors for numerous reasons including their concept of national pride and historical boundaries
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Wednesday, November 4, 2020

Sometimes even plain daal chawal kind of dishes can blow your mind and it happened with us twice last month in Himachal. First was a small shop in Banjaar which didn't even look like a food joint and didn't even have a formal name. Operated by a couple, it served multiple servings of rice and roti along with rajma, kadi and maash daal. Cost per plate, only INR 60. It was so good that we had lunch there once and stopped there again few days later while coming back the same way. 2nd was a dingy and barely lit dhaba on Bilaspur highway which wouldn't attract a second glance from the road. It served makki roti, daal, chawal, kadi along with dollops of hot desi ghee. It's name was Bahadur Dhaba and it has been in business for 100+ years. In Himachal where it's easier to find western junk food, these two places were a were welcome new discoveries. There were only a handful of other good culinary experiences in Himachal this time, like the Siddu with walnuts in Lockdown Cafe and excellent home cooked local food in @mysteriouskutla Sorry for bad picture quality, wasn't really planning to take pictures before starting to eat. #food #localfood #indianfood #foodexplorer #Himachal #HimachalPradeshTravel #fooddiscovery #HimachalFood #travel #mountains #himalayas

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